Introducing a breakthrough in cleaning power, FEYNLAB INTERIORCLEANER. Utilizing a newly developed in-house smart surfactant technology, Feynlab Interior is extremely aggressive on contaminants and dirt, yet gentle on delicate surfaces like leather and fine fabrics. This means that interior detailing and stain removal just became a lot quicker and safer.


While most companies rely upon different dilutions of All-Purpose-Cleaner for both exterior and interior surfaces, Feynlab is taking the opposite approach in order to ensure no harm is done to your vehicle in the cleaning process.The #1 problem when cleaning automotive interiors is organic contaminants. As gross as it sounds, the interior of your car is bombarded with a buildup of dead skin and oil from your hands, arms and legs. The inevitable coffee, soda or milk spill is going happen and dirt is going to make its way into your carpet and plastic panels. Oh, and don't forget your makeup and sunscreen that stains everything it comes in contact with.These are all organic contaminants and that's what Feynlab Interior Cleaner was specifically designed to eliminate with ease. The cleaner loosens and solvates the organic contaminants and allows them to be removed with a simple microfiber towel.


Safe for all interior automotive surfaces such as leather, plastic, vinyl, carpet and alcantara, but don't forget it's safe non-toxic use around the house. Use it to clean and disenfect your sinks, countertops, toilets, couches, pet stains... you name it!

  • FEYNLAB INTERIOR CLEANER utilizes a newly developed in-house smart surfactant technology that is extremely aggressive on contaminants/dirt, yet gentle on delicate surfaces like leather and fine fabrics
  • Interior cleaning and stain removal is quick and safe, with the pre-diluted formula.  No need to mix with water.
  • FEYNLAB INTERIOR CLEANER loosens and solvates organic contaminants so you can remove them with a microfiber towel
  • Approved surfaces

                   - All interior automotive surfaces – leather, plastic, vinyl,  

                     carpet, alcantara, etc.

                  - Other uses – sinks, countertops, toilets, couches, etc.

  • Compared to competitor products, FEYNLAB INTERIORCLEANER requires less pressure and effort to clean the surface